Saturday, March 8, 2008

News: Bklyn Label Chef Bows Out

Chef Cody Utzman, previously of Brooklyn Label fame (note: "previously"), posted the following comment in the annals of Mike [Ate] Food on March 4, 2008:

To my Loyal customers and fans: On Feb 1st 2008, I resigned my position as Founder/Head Chef/Owner of Brooklyn Label, due to un-reconcilable differences with Financial business partners. Since then I have noticed numerous comments on quality and service throughout blogs and web reviews and want to let my loyal customers, friends and neighbors know that I have left the trust of your favorite neighborhood cafĂ© in the hands of my ex partners and crew, and I wish them the best and most success possible. As many of you know I was a regular feature behind the counter or in the kitchen making sure all your needs where met and your food was “excellent” every time. I fully intend to complete my mission statement of bringing the most “excellent” products, services, coffee, and neighborhood business improvements to Greenpoint. I am currently working on a really exciting project that should be open summer of 2008. Thank you again for all your support, rave reviews, and friendship in the past year. I look forward to welcoming everyone to my new place that will be the very best you’ve seen yet!!

I am creating a mailing list to notify you all of my future projects. If you would like to join, send an email with “Brooklyn” in the subject to
Please feel free to repost.

Cody Utzman

I've only paid one visit to BL (and one unaware of this development at the time) since Utzman's February 1 step-down, and I should say that the only remarkable difference I found was that the hashbrowns were of unusually large quantity. Perhaps Utzman believed in more modest portions and he will be outraged to have heard of it, but, it's true, the hashbrowns were huge.

Nevertheless, all best to the good Chef, and Mike [Ate] Food promises to stop by whatever future venture Utzman has in the works.