Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Great Hiatus

Dear Friends, Family & Loyal(ish) Reader,

Mike Eats Food! is full. Its chair has been shoved back from the table, its belt loosened, and the promise of dessert is making it slightly queasy. Time for a nap.

It's been a good run. In the end, this daily diary, complete with annotations, observations and a modest collection of concoctions, was perhaps a bit much of an undertaking for this modest one-man army, but eight months-plus of marching is certainly nothing at which to scoff. The journey was well worth the while.

Amidst all the inactivity of late, I've found myself returning to the site to double-check recipes and dig up a few pictures to forward along to friends. It's made me realize this site has a functionality and lasting usefulness far beyond what I had imagined. Perhaps this will encourage me to check in from time-to-time.

In the meantime, until the idea for another blog worms its way into my brain, there will be scattered pics at Mint@Mike.com and weekly videos from BTLmedia posted for your viewing pleasure.

Until we eat again,

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