Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Delay Ball!"

It's official: Senator Barack Obama's Wednesday night address to America will lead-in on FOX to the re-start of Game 5 of The World Series between Tampa Bay and Philadelphia.

Major League
Commissioner Bud Selig postponed tonight's scheduled finish of rain-delayed Game 5 on account of dismal weather in Philly, setting up one final convergence of politics and sport before Election Day. It's a matchup Team Obama has played since the early days of his campaign. And right now the opportunity to reach out to voters in Florida and Pennsylvania can't be overstated.

Update: FOX has denied pushing back to 8:30 P.M. EST the re-start of Game 5, claiming they're only dispensing with the pregame show. This in response to what has become a talking point from the McCain campaign: "No one will delay the World Series game with an infomercial when I'm president." Of course, the real news here is that FOX rebutted a Republican talking point.

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