Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rumors of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

I've been thinking lately (actually, I've been reading lately) quite a bit about how much our collective pocketbook is not only wearing thin, but that it's being eaten by moths (from inside and out), while being tugged at by thieves (and people trying to stop the thieves), as if there was very much in it worth keeping (or stealing).

This all led me to conclude: I need a better budget.

Strike that.

This all led me to conclude: I need a budget.

Food naturally factors into this to-be equation, and to assist myself in keeping track of variables like recipes and costs it struck me that I should write such things down so that I could refer to them later, and it would be super if I could search through these written-down things in a quick-like manner, as to make deciding which cheap-and-easy thing to make for dinner a faster proposition, which strikes me as MEF! 2.0.

Will I actually do it? In the words of a great genius: watch this space.

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