Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dinner And A Movie: Veselka & Nosferatu

144 Second Avenue

New York, NY 10003

(212) 228-9682

HALLOWEEN IS AN excuse for New York City, as it is everywhere else, to revel in absurdity, which is a welcome departure, especially around these parts, from daily obsessions with excess. Somehow, dressed up as Santas and slutty nuns, the people of this city come alive with a warmth that emanates from someplace deeper than the flask tucked in its collective pocket. It's a bemused sort of goodwill, dare I say the Christmas spirit in costume, alive in October, only without all the secular bickering.

At Veselka, warmth emanates from steamed pirogis, and tastes like pumpkin, goat cheese and arugala, mushroom and sauerkraut, and meat. Warmth is delicious (and you can wash it down with 21 oz. of cool Obolon beer for $5.25). Warmth is also cheesy. Ukrainian fare might be Veselka's specialty, but this is, after all, a 24-hour diner set-up--the mac n' cheese is commendable.

We were joined by Brian (of Plataforma fame) who had suggested for afterwards a Halloween showing of Nosferatu, F. W. Murnau's classic 1922 vampire flick, its soundtrack performed live by the Devil Music Ensemble. All this, in the grand theater of Village East Cinemas, a towering hall of gothic-meets-arabic design, a terribly appropriate venue for the godfather of all monster movies. It was almost as frightening as taking the L-train back to Brooklyn.

And probably drinks again, too.

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