Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hungry for Rock? (Or Pancakes?)

The Diner
44 Ninth Avenue
New York, NY 10011
(212) 627-2230

WHAT ROCK FESTIVAL boasts thirteen bands performing thirteen one-off songs in just under two hours? The Willie Mae Girls Rock Camp Showcase! (Think School of Rock, only all girls and no Jack Black.)

At the invitation of Rock Camp counselor Marisa, who took a whole week off work to teach drums and coach bands at the camp, Mint and I checked out the afternoon show at NYC's Highline Ballroom. If you ever forget what an unabashed love for music is supposed to sound like--this is it. Ages 8-18, most band members picking up their respective instruments for the first time seven days before the show, these girls rocked out. And was impossible not to love it.

Afterwards, Mint and I joined a handful of counselors for brunch at The Diner nearby, the generically-named neighborhood spot on the northeast corner of Ninth Avenue and 14th Street. Mint was ho-hum with her turkey burger verdict, but my goat cheese and arugula omelet was huge if not over-stuffed with deliciousness. And for Chelsea-Meatpacking District, the prices weren't half-bad. Of course, any place that offers me pancakes 24/7 gets two thumbs up as far as I'm concerned.

MIKE EATS NEXT TIME: How often do I find myself in Chelsea on a Saturday morning (or late-night, for that matter)? Not often. But I'd certainly consider stopping by for lack of another destination.

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