Friday, August 10, 2007

UPDATE! Mike Eats Food Will Return After This Brief Interruption and a Word From Our Sponsors

Mike Eats Food! has never claimed to handle work or vacations gracefully. But fear not--the daily updates will resume! Blame it on the Brooklyn twister, flooded subways or whatever you like, but returning to NYC after a week in NC ain't easy. Watch for updates below as I catch up with real life. I've got lots of good pictures and tips for your next trip to... Wilmington, NC. Right. Well, stay tuned anyway.

[NOTE, 8/12: As of today, I've started with the post-updating of the past week. Baltimore and the Aquarium are up! I also decided to keep pressing forward with new posts while I work on the vacation stuff, so don't be surprised if new stuff keeps popping up above and below!]

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