Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I, For One, Am In For Sorrow


It's all one can really do in the face of such a daunting spectacle: Chris Barzak World Domination Day. And to think that but a few weeks ago I knew nothing of this day, Chirs Barzak or his debut novel, One For Sorrow, content to go about my happy, hungry, little life. Then a comment, a friendly request, and here we are--dominated.

One For Sorrow is released today through Bantam, accomplishment enough for any writer of fiction, slightly staggering given the fact that this is Mr. Barzak's first novel to be published period. Throw in a cover quote from the esteemed (and much beloved by Brooklynites) Jonathan Letham, and you've got the makings of a fine few-hundred pages indeed. Still, were it not for The Stage, I never would have known.

Or, thanks to Ms. Brooke, to be more specific, at The Stage, which sits in Younstown, Ohio, where I've eaten many-a-time at University Pizza across the street from Youngstown State University, which is where my mother teaches, as does, coincidentally enough, Mr. Barzak. And I believe we've somehow come full-circle. I think. If so, then perhaps its more appropriate to say University Pizza is responsible for this mess, but the point remains: it took a lot of people and pizza for me to find out about One For Sorrow. But here's where I tighten the circle for you.

One For Sorrow is a book about sadness, grief, and acceptance. All of the pieces are there in the first pages Mr. Barzak sets forth--warnings, questions, and the uneasily familiar childhood memories of protagonist Adam McCormick. His sadness, looking back, exposes smiles for what they are and no doubt goes a long way to unraveling the crime at Sorrow's core.

Stick around, and you'll find excerpts from One For Sorrow posted throughout the day. The links on the left will grow as well, as the expected blog-blitz for Mr. Barzak's book should be far greater than the few selected sites showing would indicate. After all, it's Chris Barzak World Domination Day. Submit.

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