Wednesday, February 21, 2007

B-Dubs in Brooklyn!

Buffalo Wild Wings
at Atlantic Center
139 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Did anyone else know there was a B-Dubs in Brooklyn? Because I didn't. I have fantastic high school memories of wasting many a lunch with my friends watching big-screen anything and playing as much trivia as an hour would allow us.

as there any choice but to say yes, then, when Marc Choi decided to hold his 26th birthday gaterhing at the jewel of Brooklyn's Atlantic Center? (NOTE: some would argue Target for that title, but last I checked Target does not sell wings in fourteen varieties of sauce, ten-foot tall television sets, or interactive trivia.) As described, it was everything I remember. Deep fried awful, too many sticky flavors of wings, and lots of beer and trivia.

Some of you are screaming: a suburban, strip mall wing joint in Brooklyn?! What the hell is great about that!? This is New York! Can't you find real Buffalo wings somewhere?

First, no. It's Brooklyn. Not Buffalo. Second, I can remember a columnist in Columbus, Ohio's "Alive" newspaper writing of Starbucks that, in a city where the alternative, locally-owned Cup O' Joe coffee house had become so widely popular (and frequently populated), the otherwise invasive national chain had become something of a quaint alternative.

It's like that.

MIKE EATS NEXT TIME: Of all chains in all cities, B-Dubs is Brooklyn might be the most unneccesary pairing. All part of its hilarious charm.

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