Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spring Break, Part II: Always Time for Jell-O

D&R Depot
63 Lake Street (Rt. 19)

LeRoy, NY 14482
(585) 768-6270

THE D&R DEPOT is quite possibly the reason I wanted to drive through upstate New York en route to Ohio.
In fact, my mother and I likely hatched our crackpot scheme of meeting in Syracuse and crashing in Batavia before hea
ding to Youngstown for this purpose alone. Or, at least, I did.

Once upon a time, two friends and I set out to produce our first ever documentary on the history of Jell-O. This delivered us to LeRoy, NY, just over an hour west of Rochester, where the dessert was born, and where we spent many of our weekends working on the project. When we got hungry, we asked around for a good place to find lunch. The answers, if I remember correctly, were unanimous.

The D&R menu is made up of American favorites. You really can't go wrong. I believe I lived several months of my life eating their mac n' cheese every weekend. I turned out fine. Being too early in the morning for mac n' cheese (thoug
h I debated ordering some to take with us), my mom and I settled on breakfast. We had two kinds of French toast: one crispy, battered with corn flakes, and the other sweet, with coconut stuck to all sides. Both amazing.

Paying homage to dessert

Afterwards, like any good visitor to LeRoy, we went to the Jell-O Museum. From there we headed west, stopping briefly in Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio to walk on the frozen shores of Lake Erie before turning south towards Warren, and home.

On ice, forty feet out in Lake Erie, a.k.a. "a terrible idea"

MIKE EATS NEXT TIME: Any time I have to drive across I-90. And even a few times I might make up the reason to do so.

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