Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Umm, It Was on the Corner?

Capitol City Brewery
th Street & H Street
Washington, D.C.

WE ONLY HAD a couple of hours before the parking garage we hid our car in for the day closed and locked us out of our ride back to NYC. So, we decided not to wander aimlessly in search of one last meal and settled for the convenience of the corner we were standing on.

The Capitol City Brewery, in all honesty, wasn't really a compromise. Mint once had there a reportedly incredible oatmeal stout and was crossing her fingers to find it on tap again. We weren't so lucky, but the Prohibition Porter and sweet Double D ale were good stand-ins, though both a touch too sweet. At $5.00 a glass, the price was good by New York standards, but we have no idea what the good folks of Washington are used to paying for their draught beers.

The food was, as expected for a downtown location, overpriced. The
portabello soup wasn't half bad, but the crab cake sandwich was a bit dry and Mint's steak looked meager. The high point of dinner was clearly the sweet potato fries. And dessert.

A huge pile of warm bananas foster with vanilla ice cream plus a chocolate brownie covered with, what else, chocolate syrup (predictable, but who cares) made for one more dessert than the two of us could handle.

MIKE EATS NEXT TIME: Skip dinner. Drinks, dessert, and move on.

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