Sunday, February 18, 2007

In the Beginning

Mint frequently comments that I should write restaurant reviews. She has a point. I enjoy eating quite a bit and thus I do it quite often. Let's hope that qualifies me to write a blog about food.

It seems too simple, though, just writing a blog about food. How or why should I choose to write, and about what food? Should I only write about meals I enjoy? That's purposeful, but it's hardly comprehensive. What about terrible meals? How do I choose to rant about one place versus another? That's lacking in motivation, not to mention criteria--it begs for a system of ratings, which seems a little self-indulgent, right? I mean, come on, this is a blog. It should be entirely self-indulgent.

Which is how we arrive at The "Mike Eats Food" Thesis Statement:

Food is good. Food sustains life. Therefore, I will write about all the food I eat. All of it.

It's not the most logically sound statement I've ever read, and it's hardly a thesis, but it's a grand plan! Now, let's see how if my fingers can keep up with my stomach.

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