Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Celebrating Tofu Cream Cheese (and Steph, too!)

TOFU CREAM CHEESE is not usually a product about which I find myself having much to say. Mostly, the stuff stinks. Not for a minute do I believe I am eating cream cheese while attempting to enjoy a bagel laced with a Tofutti impostor, and its bland taste and suspect texture belie its healthier reputation. Except for this: Tofu Gourmet Spread. Mint found it at a market in Brooklyn Heights. Not only does it manage to approximate the sweet flavor of real cream cheese, it maintains its healthy status and I don't find myself wincing when I bite into it. Vegans and lactose-challenged of the world, unite!

Of greater immediate importance, however, is the goat cheese on this pizza at Prohibition. Not that the pizza was really all that remarkable, but it was had in the company of Steph and friends gathered to celebrate Ms. Steph's birthday. If you missed the event you might atone by heading out to Long Island in mid-October to catch the one-and-the-same Steph appearing in a regional production of Jeckell & Hyde. Further bulletins as events warrant.

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