Thursday, May 10, 2007

Better Burger Wins, Barcelona Loses

Better Burger
587 Ninth Avenue

New York, NY 10036

THERE'S SOMETHING COMFORTING about Better Burger. I've only eaten from the chain twice now, but both times to the same conclusion--comfort food. As a vegetarian, I know that I can't speak to their red meat menu, but the veggie version is soft, full of flavor, and the toppings--especially the pickles, I think--remind me of fast food that doesn't suck. I think it's the flavor you get when cheap toppings collide. Pickles, onion, tomato--BOOM! That's a hamburger. That's Better Burger. It's take-out. Everyone wins.

But the real story today is the beginnings of one you'll prolly hear me talk more about over the next month: Spanish football. I've started with the addition of Phil Ball's excellent column posted in the Mike Eats Links! section. I'll change that weekly. It'll keep everyone up-to-date. The long and short of the story, however, is that Real Madrid (with soon to be American-bound David Beckham back in stride) have caught up with Barcelona in the race for the La Liga title after dispatching Sevilla last weekend. Only five games left in the season. Good stuff.

This week, after Barcelona had thrashed Getafe 5-2 a week ago in King's Cup (think: every team in Spain, major and minor leagues, all playing in one tournament for a single trophy), Getafe gets revenge by demoralizing Barcelona 0-4 in the second of their two games, and knocks Barca out of the Cup by winning 5-6 over the two games. Amazing! A huge psychological blow to the Catalans headed back into their Liga matches this weekend.

Lio Messi's goal was simply stunning,
but not good enough for Barcelona to ultimately advance

What does this have to do with food? Absolutely nothing. Hala Real!

MIKE EATS NEXT TIME: He's working late near Hell's Kitchen.

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