Friday, May 18, 2007

Working Late, Eating Spicy

Bombay Masala
148 W. 49th St.
New York, NY 10019
(212) 302-8150

WORKING LATE, AGAIN. One of the perks of this Country Living gig, however, is that when such late nights occur, we are all provided dinner. Always a good perk, always appreciated.

I convinced a coworker this evening that she wanted to try Indian food. (This, after I was convinced by a coworker that something spicy would help kick the unwanted cold I've been fighting off all week.) In persuasion, I offered that I'd become enamored with Indian food in Spain, of all places, while dating a girl who was vegan--cheap, filling, remarkably easy to come across, Indian food was a nice vegan/vegitarian/meat-tastic option for everyone--and the richly spiced cuisine had quickly became a "soul food" favorite of mine.

We found on a few Indian options and chose, quite randomly, Bombay Masala. As an aside, SeamlessWeb is a really weird name for an website offering the ability to order food delivered from nearby restaurants. I'm sure there were plenty of marketing geniuses in the room when they came up with it, so I'm sure they also know that and are still available in case they change their minds, though the latter may not be the market they're looking to snag.

Bombay Masala was good enough. I had requested my aloo gobi to be spicy, but not "maximum spicy," and the happy medium between those two was, to my amazement, met. My coworker ordered chicken masala and was admittedly concerned when her food arrived glowing red and submurged in quite a bit of oil and sauce. Upon tasting it, she was surprised and quite satisfied. Another convert success story.

MIKE EATS NEXT TIME: He has a chance to sit down and eat at the restaurant proper. Food is usually better when it's not delivered, with rare exception.

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