Saturday, May 26, 2007

Madsen Donuts, Since 1938

Madsen Donuts
5426 Lake Road East
Geneva-On-The-Lake, OH 44041
(440) 466-5884

MY DOUGHNUT LOVE runs deep and at Madsen is where it begins. I have few fonder childhood memories than waking up over July 4th weekend, wandering downstairs and out to the front porch to find family members gathered about boxes of doughnuts. Thinking about it now, there may have been twice the number of doughnuts sitting on the table than family sitting around it. Given the size of my family, that's a rather remarkable accomplishment.

There's always room for doughnuts

We've discussed my love for doughnuts before, specifically regarding a variety found here in Greenpoint. Nothing, however, competes with the creme sticks found at Madsen--the unbelievably chocolaty frosting, the light marshmallow filling, the spongy fried dough--for which hungry Madsen's customers line up daily, stretching out the screen door of the 70-year-old establishment. The jelly-filled, sugar-covered sticks are my personal favorite, with a jelly filling that tastes like jam rather than fake fruit; the almost-crispy cinnamon sticks get snapped up just as quick. And, all day, tray after tray, Madsen sets out a stready stream of freshly-made doughnuts to replenish those bought as quickly as patrons can carry them away. It's positively ritualistic.

Which is why here, in Geneva-On-The-Lake, doughnuts are served with every meal, and sometimes in-between. Eat up.

MIKE EATS NEXT TIME: He probably already did.


Keith Biery said...

Thank you for sharing your memories and providing those tasty descriptions.
Although it is only February as I write this, I am already dreaming of summer!
All our best!
Keith Biery & Family
Owners, Madsen Donuts

Anonymous said...

Mike -- Although I now live in Colorado, I was raised in Ohio and our family visited Geneva-on-the-Lake every summer. I still have family in the area, and we still assemble for an annual gathering on the Lake. And to this day, we consume dozens of Madsen's during every visit. Geneva-on-the-Lake just wouldn't be the same without those tasty donuts.

Thanks for your comments, Mike. And thanks to Madsen's for making such great donuts!

-Dave Nugent
Donut Lover

Anonymous said...

My family looks forward to the opening of Madsen's each year. The people that work there are friendly. Keith has done something special for my son SAM for 2 of his birthdays. The only regret we have is when it closes at the end of the season. That has us anticipating the opening the next year.

The Baker Family, Geneva

Uncle Dan said...

Madsen Donuts have been a part of living in this area for as long as I can remember. My wife loves's beyond's an obsession! I love them as well with a nice glass of milk or hot cup of coffee. I love regional foods that taste as good now as they did 30 years ago. And Madsen donuts are a fine example of quality carried on through the years.

Anonymous said...

I ran into Keith ofer the weekend,
I must say they are without a doubt the best donuts ever. I spent many years at geneva on the lake, and thrilled to have spent some more time with you.
take care,

Richard Gluck said...

In 72 hours i will be eating a creme filled donut.

It is an 800 mile drive from Minnesota but i go every year.

My mom has had a summer home in Madison since 1949.

We start out trek at Grumpy's for lemonade, walk to a creme filled donut. We then go to Eddy's Grill for a foot long hot dog. Then it is back to Madsen's. From there it time some mini golf and pinball.

After that it is back to Madsen's.

My mouth is watering as I write

hardmedina said...

Thursday, August 21, 2008
5426 Lake Road East
Geneva-On-The-Lake, OH 44041
(440) 466-5884

my family visits Geneva several times a year
and they allways stop and get donuts from Madsen donuts
to bring home to me
well i bit into it and about half way down in my Jelly donut I found a
*** metal nose or lip ring ***
I called thir Ph #440-466-5884
and spoke to Keith Biery
and told him about it
and of course his answer was he didnt Know what it could be
so i sent him a picture
and told him that next time my family bought donuts if he poped for two dozen the problem would be forgoten

i sent him pictures and told him that my wife thought that the girl that seved her had lip rings


he called me back
and told me it wasnt his problem
and he wasny going to do any thing


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Anonymous said...

I grew up in Perry Ohio, and spent my childhood and teen years walking the strip in the summer time. Nothing but fond memories. All these years later, I work in the U.S. Embassy in a West African country and when I catch a flight back to the states, the only thing that is ALWAYS on the schedule during my visit "home" is a trip to Madsen. Words cannot describe how perfect their donuts are. So enjoy, all of you, and see you next time!!! -Gunnery Sergeant Kelly / USMC