Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Maple Jelly is Amazing!

THE LAST TIME I visited my aunt and uncle in Connecticut, Mint and I were encouraged to stop by a neighbor's house known by another more yummy name: River's Edge Sugar House. Mmmmmm... that winter morning, along with my Aunt Kathy and my cousins, Paul and Adam, we pulled up the Sugar House driveway to find the place disappointingly quiet.

We stomped through the snow to peek at the horses out in the yard nearby, assured by Kathy their owners were friends of hers and wouldn't mind. As we were turning to leave--a noise in the woods! We all stopped. It moved closer and we started off, quicker this time, as a man with a rifle bounced out of the trees, yelling after us, "Hey, how are you!"

In this post, the role of Man with Rifle is played by friend Bill Proulx, who is also the owner of the aforementioned horses and (of relevance to this post) the River's Edge Sugar House. He is is also a purveyor of fine maple products, the man who has converted me to 100% real maple syrup, and, this past weekend, the man who sold me a $6 glass jar of homemade maple jelly.

Maple jelly makes a tasty sandwich!

Maple jelly, by the way, is a-mazing. I imagine it requires very little extra sugar to make, since the maple syrup used to make it is already something like 60% sugar itself, and might I add it pairs up ridiculously well with peanut butter. Want some? Well, my jar is gonna be empty pretty soon, so I'll just give you this:

River's Edge Sugar House - Pure Maple Products & Local Honey
326 Mansfield Road (Rt. 89); Ashford, CT 06278
(860) 429-1510 | www.riversedgesugarhouse.com

(You know you want some.)

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