Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Trading Basil for Buttons

ROXIE AND I had agreed to trade a basil plant some time ago. I planted the seeds a while back, but only recently had the sprouts reached a transplant-able size. So, in lieu of Roxie's recent sewing revival and my discovery of two shirts with missing buttons, the terms of the trade were made clearer, and dinner was offered to arrange a swap.

Since Roxie had suggested pasta, I agreed to drag along the fixings to make (what else) red sauce, and some leftover roasted red peppers and eggplant were thrown in on the side. We've discussed the red sauce process quite a bit as of late on this page, so for this particular occasion I'll just offer up some finished-product pictures:

I think we're all familiar with the how-to at this point

Mint joined us post-class to enjoy a plate, and Fezzik was on hand to prowl tableside and search for scraps. It should be noted that Fezzik is a Yorkshire terrier of only the purist bloodlines, which explains his stately, flopping right ear, distinguished underbite, and preference for chasing chenille tennis balls. Fezzik is a charmer.

Together, the four of us enjoyed a delicious meal in the company of friends, set to the sounds of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. As for the little basil plant now sitting in a window far from his seedling kin, Roxie promises it will write. For now, I'll leave you with a few more of this evening's pictures:

(Ed. note: A previous statement identifying Fezzik's heritage as Scottish has been corrected. Fezzik is a Yorkshire terrier.)


Roxie said...

Fezzik wants you to know that while he respects the Scottish Terrier and has similar facial hair as his European neighbor, he is in fact a Yorkshire Terrier,hailing from England.

Mike said...

Ach, aye!

Marc said...

Don't tell Roxie. I'm going to kidnap the little guy one day. I'm gonna change his name to Arnold and she'll never be able to tell it's him.